Placement Material

Our Ad Operations team uses your master files to create hundreds of publication-specific-files - accurately and efficiently. When we receive your ad, we preflight it to ensure quality output, prepare it to specifications, and transmit it electronically to each publication.

Print Specifications

Newspaper Specifications
Magazine Specifications
USA TODAY Specifications
Wall Street Journal Specifications
Digital Color Proof Requirements
Set Up A Bleed Advertisement
Adjust Ink Density In Photoshop
Color Conversion

Digital (Online) Specifications

We follow specifications delineated by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) available at

File Transfer

Once you have readied your file, simply login to our Partner Center and begin the upload process. If you need assistance uploading your ad file, contact your traffic manager or call (612)758-8600 and ask to speak to a traffic manager. For information on creating a PDF file, see our Acrobat Job Options.

To upload your files using your own FTP client, please connect to